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According to the CDC, about 4.5 million dog bits occur in the United States each year, with over 800,000 of those bites resulting in medical care. In addition, dog ownership is increasing, with the number of dogs in the world almost doubling in the last eight years. Unfortunately, even dogs with no history of violence come with a risk of injury.

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New Jersey is known as a “strict liability” state for dog bites.  For dog bite victims, this means that they can seek compensation even if there is no evidence that the dog owner was negligent or had malicious intentions.  To pursue compensation, one of the following circumstances need to have happened:

  • The victim was in a public place when the dog bite occurred
  • If the victim was on private property, they needed to have been there lawfully where they have been invited by the owner.
  • The victim was on private property but was lawfully permitted to be on private property when they are discharging a duty imposed by the laws of New Jersey or the laws of postal regulations of the United States.

Even if dog owners take reasonable measures to prevent the dog from harming, a dog owner is still liable for any injuries it may cause.  Our dog bite attorneys are familiar with the extensive injuries caused by dog bites.  While physical injuries can lead to scarring and deformities, emotional distress and anxiety can add to the long term impact a dog bite injury can have.  While a dog bite can happen to anyone, children are injured by dog bites most often.


What happens to the dog?

Typically, an animal control officer will investigate the dog bite claim and verify that the dog has up to date rabies and vaccinations.  As long as everything is in order, the investigation ends there.  There are rare circumstances where extreme and repeatedly aggressive behavior require the owner to post warning signs on the property and keep the dog secured.  Euthanizing the dog is only a possibility after all other courses of action are taken with repeatedly aggressive and dangerous dogs.  Filing a dog bite claim does not automatically mean that the dog will be euthanized.


What if the dog owner is my friend?

Many dog bite victims feel hesitant to pursue a law suit because of their relationship to the dog owner.  Dog bites can occur even among friendly dogs that you are familiar with, which makes pursuing compensation a tricky subject.  Though all situations are different, generally, the dog owner’s insurance will cover the claim.


Timing is critical when it comes to a potential dog bite injury claim.  It is imperative to contact a New Jersey dog bite lawyer as soon as possible.  Our team of experienced dog bite attorneys understand the specifics of these types of cases.

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