Nov 04 · < 1 min read

Leonard Injury Firm Settles Federal Tort Claim for $125,000

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The Firm recently settled a Federal Tort Claims Act case for injuries sustained in a motor vehicle accident for $125,000. Injuries included a rib fracture and strain and sprain injuries to the knee and back. Personal injury claims against Federal, State and local governments and entities are permitted by specific Tort Claims Acts. The Tort Claims Acts include specific “notice” provisions and other limitations that must be complied with in order to recover. The specific “notice” and other limitations are specific to each State, resulting in significant differences between the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and State of New Jersey.

It is important to contact an attorney with knowledge and experience handling Tort Claims Act cases should you be injured by a governmental employee or on governmental property. If you or a loved one have been injured, speak to one of our injury attorneys today. Call 215-660-3133 or 856-942-1218.