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Our personal injury lawyers are well versed in the ways unsafe walking conditions can contribute and cause the injuries of our premises liability cases.

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Our Cherry Hill personal injury attorneys commonly see premises liability victims that have tripped and fallen due to unsafe walking conditions.  These accidents can occur anywhere there is a walking surface that has an unexpected dangerous condition that could cause injury to someone walking.  As a pedestrian, there is a reasonable expectation that the surface meant for walking is safe for walking on.  Those responsible for maintaining the property, or the owner, ultimately have the responsibility of maintaining the walkway or alerting pedestrians of specific danger.

Victims of trip and fall accidents can face a variety of injuries including concussions or head injuries, broken bones, sprains, and neck and back injuries.  Our seasoned personal injury lawyers have helped countless victims obtain financial compensation for injuries due to the property owner’s negligence.

Where the accident occurs can have a huge impact on how our Cherry Hill injury attorneys will craft a strategy for our clients’ case.  For example,  the uneven walking conditions could occur on a commercial property.  Recently, our injury attorneys recovered over $1 Million for a client who tripped and fell on the stairs of a national retailer.  The client sustained serious injuries including ankle fractures as a result of the fall.

There are special laws for accidents that occur on government, state, or municipal property.  An accident that occurs on government property needs to be handled by an attorney that has experience with this types of law.  Our Cherry Hill personal injury lawyers have handled many uneven walking conditions cases involving New Jersey Tort Claims act and Federal Tort Claims Act –  the specialized law that governs accidents on government property.

One valuable tool attorneys can use to help their clients with uneven walking conditions are photographs.  If you are able to, take a photo of the conditions that caused you to fall.  These photos will be of great importance if your case goes to trial.

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